It is our goal to provide the resources and support our students will need to succeed in a technology driven society.

Our technology program incorporates computer-aided lessons beginning in Kindergarten.

Kindergarten through 2nd graders are first introduced to technology in the form of touchscreen tablets, which are the most beneficial form of personal electronic device at their stage of growth and development. The tablet platform provides them access to engaging, interactive books for beginning readers as well as concept-reinforcing games and activities.

Students in grades 3-8 use Chromebooks and Google’s G Suite for curriculum enrichment and individual and group projects as they progress on their journey with technology. Richmond Academy promotes the development of proper keyboarding skills, an area which many schools have abandoned. At this stage, students engage in activities that teach the importance of digital citizenship and the balanced use of technology in their daily lives.

All high school students are issued touch-screen Chromebooks, with take-home privileges, as part of our 1:1 program. Besides using the laptops for assignments and test-taking, students are engaged in collaborative group projects where they take advantage of the vast resources of the Internet in a carefully filtered context. The technology also facilitates a sense of community among the students across all campuses.


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